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I have been a client of Assured Partners Consulting for over 13 years. Over these years, we have weathered through many challenges in providing affordable, high quality healthcare and benefits to our employees. Like so many other companies, we are constantly watching our expenses and employee benefits can be one of those line items that burden the profitability of our company. APC continually brings creative ways for us to provide a robust benefits package that help us recruit and retain high quality staff and that is affordable for our company and our staff. At every renewal APC has come back to us with rates, options, and creative ways to continually offer competitive benefits for our employees.

Employees are our most valuable asset and APC is continually improving and expanding services and products that, quite frankly, we only thought the “larger” employers could provide. Without competent, skilled, and reliable staff we are not able to provide a consistent high quality product. In the competition for skilled staff, a robust benefit package is a necessity. I view APC and Lauren Yurick as an extension of my own HR department. I can always reach Lauren or her staff quickly for any questions or clarifications.

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